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JiangSu Yihua Equipment Engineering Company Limited (YHEEC) is a leading technical and innovative provider of equipment maintenance and inspection, construction and integrated solutions.


Currently, YHEEC has 1084 staff, among which there are 19 senior engineers, 10 senior technicians42 engineers99 technicians. 83.5% of the employees are high level workers covering maintenance, high and low voltage, instrument repair, pressure pipe, pressure vessel inspection and welding functions. More than 92% of employees have over 15-year experiences in polyester, chemical, fiber and thermal power area.  Furthermore, some of them have such state-level or province-level honors as “the 1st of May Labour Medal”, “Jiangsu Model Worker” “Sinopec skilled worker master” and “state skilled worker master”.


Our company conducts long-term installation, repair and maintenance job for equipment of polyester, chemical, fiber, thermal power industry, including service for unit of design oil refinery, chemical and fiber,
thermal power, construction of electromechanical device, steel structure and anticorrosion heat preservation project construction, fabrication of mechanical equipment as well as construction and repair of hoisting machinery, refrigeration device and electric power facility, and so on. Currently, YHEEC owns about more than 1890 advanced equipment such as numerical control machine tool, plasma cutter, ray detector, ultrasonic detector, magnetic particle testing machine, high- pressured water ejector, leak detector, welding machine, calibration facility for instrument, power tools, relief valves(inline or offline), and so on.


We take the responsibility of maintenance, regular inspection and repair for the stable operation of Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, which is a sub-company of SINOPEC Group, and so far the “3 zero” goal,
namely zero major incident of equipment, zero casualty, zero environmental pollution, has been successfully achieved. The frequency of overhaul has been improved from initial yearly to once each 4 year period, and now we have accomplished conducting maintenance based on the status of equipment, which dramatically lower the running cost of our client. Hence we have been awarded the honor of “state excellent enterprise for equipment
management” for 3 consecutive years. At present, Jiangsu Yihua equipment engineering Co., Ltd has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, HSE, OHSAS18001 management system certificate auditing, and got the qualification of general equipment(mechanical/power) maintenance class I, installation, reconstruction, maintenance of hoisting machinery class B and electric power facilities construction and testing class 4.



Now, YHEEC’s business projects are expanded to Shanghai, Tianjin municipalities, Shangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang provinces, and so on.